Online Success With A Proven Team

Roatan Film Production

Roatan Film is a one-stop shop for all of your broadcast, non-broadcast and multimedia needs.

Location Services
Let our local knowledge and experience assist you in finding the very best locations for filming or shooting your production. Full on ground services are provided also to make sure your production has all it requires and runs completely to plan and schedule.

Film & Commercials
Our experienced production crew has created film and commercials for some of the film and TV industries biggest names including Disney, ABC, TNT, Showtime and PBS. Let us help you create a world class product and assist you in showing it to the world.

Streaming Media
Our online marketing team, has over 13 years experience in developing professional and cost effective online media tools. Let our experience show you how to make the most of your production, by streaming it online or creating an online presence.

DVD Production
Let us take the hard work out of DVD creation, our experienced team can assist you in all aspects of DVD production, from price sourcing, design, implementation to delivery. Let us help you create a great end product.

Casting Services
Our local on the ground knowledge and industry experience allows us to offer you local casting services, let us take the hard work out of finding local talent and extras by allowing us to assist you in this important area.

Stock Footage
Through many years of our own product development we have build up an impressive local film stock archive. Use of this high quality footage can save you hours of filming time and huge production costs.

Photography & Print
Our professional photography and print development team are able to offer you world class on site photography services, local stock photo’s and print product development services.

Promotional Services
Our promotional services can assist you in taking your product to the world, through marketed campaigns, online promotion and product sales support. We can make sure your product is a successful one.