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Roatan News Network

We put your promotional message in front of thousands of potential clients and customers through our Roatan News Network. We have 14 years experience in online marketing and have developed a unique marketing system and network. And yes each month this network continues to grow.

Maximise your exposure and return on investment from your marketing dollar with our Roatan News Network.

Reach locally and internationally based people, who have requested to receive information on Roatan.

These people are local and national residents and investors, potential residents and past, future and planning visitors to Roatan.

Success Stories:
– Client has able to see a 15% increase in website visitors within only days of our first Roatan News posting. These results have continued for close to 6 months, with an ever increasing number of visitors each month. As a business which relies on lead generation, and product sales through website leads, the service has been a complete success.

– Client has seen a 10% increase in website visitors with monthly posts through our network, this has increased their website visitors for 2 to 3 days around the day of posting by over 3 times, reaching close to 500 visitors on these high traffic days. The accommodation company relies on online bookings for sales, and this 10% increase in visitors can return a 10% increase in inquiries and bookings, and yes thats right, for a little over $150 a month.